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Kickboxing Montreal
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Kickboxing Montreal
Kickboxing Montreal


Using speed, agility and power, Kickboxing combines the punches, upper cuts, and hooks of boxing with various powerful kicks used in martial arts. Students are taught kicks, punches, blocks and other defensive techniques, shadow kickboxing, bag and pad training, as well as cardiovascular and muscular fitness exercises.

In this Kickboxing class, students are also taught to apply the techniques to practical self-defense situations. By training as a kickboxer, a student gains greater confidence, improved cardiovascular fitness, increased muscular endurance and greater flexibility. Kickboxing is a complete workout and an excellent form of exercise for effective weight loss when training on a regular basis.

Beginners are welcome!

Private classes also available.
For more info.: 514.713.8099

Tel.: 514.713.8099
Kickboxing Montreal
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